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2.Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice
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Nirvana in Fire unexpectedly achieved a tremendous success, rising like a star among the TV dramas in the fall of 2015. Also adapted from an online novel of the same name written by Hai Yan, the adaptation for the first time found its way on the screen in September 2015. Staring Hu Ge and Liu Tao, the series shows a talented military strategist endeavoring to clear his name through continuous fights. The fictional characters and dynasty let the adaptation smartly avoid being criticized for not sticking to historical accuracy. And the drama`s delicate internal settings and impeccable storyline were highly praised by the audiences.

But even in a bad economy some jobs are just not worth it. Are there any telltale signs you should be looking for when trying to decide if you throw in the towel? Here are ten signs to look for to determine if it's time to find a new job:
200911/88512.shtmlA love letter to a US college student from the girlfriend who was to become his wife is finally on its way to him - 53 years after it was written in 1958.
The Microsoft founder's net worth is $86 billion, up from $75 billion last year.
So what does 2015 portend? Here are some educated guesses.

Kathryn Bigelow and screenwriter Mark Boal have been working for a while on a drama about the 1967 police raid in Detroit, which led to one of the largest citizen uprisings in US history. Kaitlyn Dever, John Krasinski, Will Poulter, John Boyega and Jack Reynor star.


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